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Executive Director of YFP

Welcome to Youth for Peace, a Cambodian NGO that offers education in peace, leadership, conflict resolution, and reconciliation to Cambodian’s youth.

We created Youth for Peace because real peace, social justice and law enforcement still do not exist in our society. The poverty, impunity, culture of violence, human rights violations, and political discrimination are barriers of building a culture of peace in Cambodia.

Youth for Peace (YFP) is a Cambodian local NGO believing that sustainable peace and reconciliation have to be firmly rooted in local communities. We believe that youth can be motivated and empowered to play a constructive role as change agents for such peace and reconciliation at the local level.

We have trained thousands of young people in social responsibility, solidarity, conflict resolution and leadership. Using a progression of workshop, events and activities, YFP challenges and motivates youth to design and implement peace building projects in response to identified issues and creative solutions. YFP is currently looking for qualified and motivated Cambodian candidates to fulfill positions of  Project Trianer of Mobile Exhibition on force transfer project (MEFT).

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Youth for Peace founded Young Leaders for Peace as a project aimed at promoting youth as peaceful agents of social change. In December 2012, YFP will be completing the implementation of the project of a 3 year contract for Young Leaders for Peace.  The project targets stakeholders in Phnom Penh, Battambang and Takeo. Project work involves capacity building, personal development, teaching peace concepts, promoting teambuilding, leadership and organization of skills through peace development curricula. It is a one year training program which comprises theory and practice in community base for young people. YFP trainers use participatory methodology to help students learn to work cooperatively in groups, express their ideas in front of others, develop listening skills, understand their individual rights and responsibilities, and recognize and appreciate different values and beliefs.

Download document (PDF) Terms of_reference external evaluation of YLP project

These short portraits are mainly taken from the rank and file Khmer Rouge - mostly ex-soldiers. Most never joined the Revolution of their own accord - they were conscripted as young adolescents into the military, "the absolute tool of Angkar", it was called. They will give you interesting details about their everyday experiences and the Pol Pot regime. Still, these interviews were not carried out in vain as a number of features of Democratic Kampuchea were confirmed, while even some new details have been revealed. One soldier said Phnom Penh had been evacuated because "we were afraid of the enemies hiding inside". Another female cadre claimed she was always kind to those who took a rest, but after being warned twice, the security had to be told in case of a third failing, because "what you are told to do must be done".

  These pages from Cambodia's tragic history make fascinating reading for the younger generation, in order to make sure history does not repeat itself.
 Available at Youth For Peace only

The past 10 years of our work paved the way for a bright future of Youth for Peace. The lessons from our successes, failures, and encountered challenges are significant steps in moving forward to a peaceful and promising future. In the next 10 years, YFP as well as the new initiative of the Peace Institute of Cambodia will continue its fi rm mission to make remarkable changes in the grass-root communities as well as in the Cambodian society as a whole. We hope that an increasing number of young people will continue to engage in peaceful solutions to social conflicts and participate in a sustainable social development which brings about a culture of peace and a culture of democracy.

On December 16, the second Public Forum organized by Youth for Peace on ‘Youth Participation for Justice and Reconciliation’ took place at Pratak Krala Dam, Bosnhinh Village, Kon Sat Commune, Toek Chhou District in Kampot Province.

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